Thursday, December 11, 2008

Derek Trucks

The recent appearance of Derek Trucks as a collaborator on the latest McCoy Tyner record, Guitars coupled with the noise around his own forthcoming release led me to dig out some tracks and reacquaint myself...

Like a lot of folks I got turned onto Trucks through his membership in the Allman Brothers Band. I caught him with them twice. He and Warren Haynes make a formidable team...

I first heard his work with his own band on a CMJ sampler in late 2002. The Derek Trucks Band has quite a sound at this point. Still plenty Allmans-influenced jazz/blues/Southern rock but a much higher degree of craftsmanship to their records these days. Unlike a lot of bands in the jam tradition, they seem to have found a way to capture the lightning in the bottle that is the recording studio.

Wikipedia has a decent enough entry about Derek and his band. I won't repeat it all here. Let's just get to the music...

Egg 15 - Derek Trucks Band - Derek Trucks Band
Joyful Noise - Derek Trucks Band - Joyful Noise
Down in the Flood - Derek Trucks Band - Already Free
Greensleeves - McCoy Tyner w/Derek Trucks - Guitars (CD/DVD)