Monday, December 15, 2008

Neil Young and His Electric Band - New York, NY - 2008-12-15

Neil Young and His Electric Band, with Wilco and Everest, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, December 15, 2008

Everest...moderately interesting rootsy kinda band. Probably great in a bar...but Wilco...Fucking Wilco, man, how do they keep getting better? It is ridiculous. I have not seen them in a couple of years and I tell you, they were loud, crystal clear, and adventurous. I remember after seeing them for the first time 8 or 9 years ago I sent an email to my friends calling Wilco a cross between The Band and the Bay City Rollers. You might be able to add Pink Floyd to that list. Damn...I nominate them for Best Band in the World right now...Tweedy is unreal. I hope we're still seeing them 20 years from now. Impossible Germany and Spiders (Kidsmoke) were the highlights for me...

Neil's band for this tour is "His Electric Band": Ben Keith, Rick Rosas, Ralph Molina, Anthony Crawford and Pegi Young. Managed to scrounge a video from the show on offa YouTube:

Neil's set was heavy up on new songs...a lot of singing about green energy and recycling...idealistic lyrics, earnestly delivered, that's Neil, right? Cortez and Cinnamon Girl were worth the price of admission alone, though...Oh yeah, and Cowgirl in the Sand and Neil introducing Pegi as the "Unknown Legend" (which was beautifully played in its own right...). Neil's set list:

Love And Only Love
Hey Hey, My My
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Spirit Road
Cortez The Killer
Cinnamon Girl
Oh, Lonesome Me
Mother Earth
The Needle And The Damage Done
Light A Candle
"Cough Up The Bucks"
Fuel Line
"Hit The Road And Go To Town"
Unknown Legend
Heart Of Gold
Old Man
Get Back To The Country
"Off The Road"
Just Singing A Song
When Worlds Collide
Cowgirl In The Sand
Rockin' In The Free World
"Get Behind The Wheel"
A Day In The Life

12/19/08 update: Wilco set list courtesy of Wilcobase:
Via Chicago
Impossible Germany
You Are My Face
Spiders (Kidsmoke)
Jesus, Etc.
Forget The Flowers
I'm The Man Who Loves You

Please let me know if you have recordings of any parts of this show. I would love to post them here.

12/27/08 update: Here is a link to download the Neil set...send along Wilco, please, if you have it...

01/05/09 update: Here is a link to the torrent page for this show on Trader's Den or you can download the FLAC folder directly from me here soon.

Oh, and here is an MP3 of the Wilco set...