Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Horace Andy - Dance Hall Style

Horace Andy at
Shit, man...Horace Andy vocals + Bullwackie's riddims = the next best thing to In the Light/In the Light Dub..."Spying Glass" alone is worth the price of admission...

Details (courtesy Roots Archive):

Record date: 1983

Money Money
Lonely Woman
Cuss Cuss
Stop The Fuss
Spying Glass
Lets Live In Love

Producer: Bullwackie

Engineer: Bullwackie & Douglas Levy & Junior Delahaye

Vocals: Horace Andy
Drums: Henry Snowhite Seth & Junior Delahaye & Fabian Cooke
Bass: Jah T & Horace Andy & Myrie Dread
Rhythm Guitar: Horace Andy & Jah T
Lead Guitar: Horace Andy & Jah T
Piano: Myrie Dread & Owen 'Fox' Stewart
Organ: Myrie Dread & Owen 'Fox' Stewart
Percussions: Ras Menilik Dacosta

Horace Andy - Dance Hall Style