Thursday, February 05, 2009

Mehmet Erenler - Anatolia Folk Music Instrumental 1

Whenever my friends or relatives travel overseas I ask them to bring me back local music. I never ask them to put too much thought into it, usually giving little-to-no direction (I often advise to avoid English text, look for images of instruments on the cover, or to look for serene photos of mountains, old men or water. Ha.).

This record was brought back from Turkey by my in-laws. It is a collection of superbly recorded Turkish folk music (Anatolian, which is distinct from Ottoman...) by the saz player Mehmet Erenler.

I have had a difficult time tracking down biographical details about Mehmet Erenler. The little bit I have found has not been in English...I really enjoy this record, though, so if you know more about him or are willing to share any recordings please let me know. There are a bunch of nice performance videos on youtube...

Mehmet Erenler - Anatolia Folk Music Instrumental 1