Thursday, February 26, 2009

Prince Douglas - Dub Roots

Prince Douglas on Much of the information I found online about this record seemed to be the same, or from the same handful, of sources. Let's distill it...a review from emusic:
"Were it not for Germany’s minimal techno pioneers Basic Channel, all traces of Bronx transplant Lloyd “Bullwackie” Barnes’ storied Wackies label might have disappeared into the ether. Barnes and Basic Channel have reissued many of the label’s strongest recordings...for many Wackies enthusiasts, the re-release of Prince Douglas’ 1980 Dub Roots has been the biggest coup.

One of Wackies’ most sought-after records, Dub Roots is a brilliant, sturdy and surprisingly melodic album of first-class heavy dub spearheaded by Wackies engineer Douglas Levy and the label’s in-house players. The highlight is the apocalyptic “March Down Babylon Dub,” featuring Bullwackie going all fire-and-brimstone over an unnerving reanimation of Steel Pulse’s “Handsworth Revolution.” From the melting synths and delicate skank of “Jam Love Dub” to Wayne Jarrett’s fiery turn on “Tongue Shall Tell Dub,” from the sly guitar line of “Tribesman Dub” to the haunted melody of “Sunshine Dub,” Dub Roots is a dense, stirring masterpiece."
Strong words...great record? Yeah. "Masterpiece"? I dunno...but why quibble...Details courtesy Roots Archives:

Playlist :
Jam Love Dub
Hard Times Dub
Let Me Love You
Tongue Shall Tell Dub
March Down Babylon Dub
Sunshine Dub
You And Me Dub
North Of The Border Dub
Tribesman Dub

Producer : Bullwackie

Mixing Engineer : Prince Douglas
Engineer : Bullwackie & Prince Douglas

Drums : Joe Isaacs & Clive Plummer
Bass : Jerry Hitler
Lead Guitar : Jerry Hitler & Ras Makonnen
Rhythm Guitar : Ras Makonnen
Keyboards : Allah
Horns : Jerry Johnson
Percussions : Bertie & Junior Delahaye & Bro Dudley

Prince Douglas - Dub Roots