Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tapper Zukie

I have been on a heavy Tappa kick lately...he's got a flow that just will not quit...from All Music:
"Born David Sinclair, Tapper (also spelled Tappa) was a diminutive of a nickname his grandmother gave him, while Zukie was derived from the gang he ran with as a child, the Zukies. In his teens, he began working for the sound systems, first with I-Oses Discotech, then for the Maccabees. It was through the latter that he came to the attention of producer Bunny Lee; unfortunately, his off-hours delinquency ensured that he was also coming to the attention of the police....Zukie's mother wisely decided it was time for the youth to permanently leave the Kingston streets behind, and in 1973 packed him off to relatives in England. Lee, too, wanted him out of trouble, but preferred to have him put in the studio. Not content to see the teen's talent wasted, the producer pulled some strings, and the day after arriving in London Zukie was onstage, opening for U-Roy...

Returning to Kingston at the end of the year, the young DJ now began recording singles for a host of producers...and it was from all these donated tapes that Zukie built his debut album, MPLA. Defiantly independent, the DJ recorded and financed the recording of the record himself, and set up his own label, Stars. But lack of money forced Zukie to put the album on ice and initially release some of the tracks as singles. It was at this point that he began producing other artists...Zukie now moved into a period of astonishing productivity...between 1977 and 1979...As the new decade dawned, Zukie was an international presence to be reckoned with, jet-setting between London and Kingston, gigging constantly, recording, and producing...production is where Zukie has kept his name afire, as he's continued to work with the island's greatest names, releasing the subsequent singles through his own Tappa label. Sly Dunbar, JC Lodge, Beres Hammond, and Simpleton are just a few of the multitudes who have been on the other side of his recording deck in more recent years."
Two downloads today. Tappa's debut record and a collection of dubs and versions...

Tapper Zukie - M.P.L.A.
Various dubs and versions