Friday, March 20, 2009

The Visitors - Neptune

This is a lovely record, been in heavy rotation for me all week...I am not sure where I acquired it from, but am so glad I did. I don't have a ton of information for you about this is what I dug up on All Music Guide:
"The Visitors were a modern jazz quintet out of Philadelphia led by saxophone-playing brothers Carl Grubbs (alto) and Earl Grubbs (tenor and soprano) and also featuring Sid Simmons on piano, John Goldsmith on drums, and a young Stanley Clarke on bass. Carl and Earl actually took sax lessons in the mid-'50s from none other than John Coltrane, who just happened to be dating their cousin Naima (Coltrane later married her). To say that Coltrane was an influence would be an understatement, and when the brothers formed the Visitors in the early '70s, observers noted that the group sounded like two Coltranes playing at once. The Visitors recorded four interesting albums for Muse Records between 1972 and 1975: Rebirth, In My Youth, Neptune, and Motherland. Earl Grubbs passed in 1989. Carl Grubbs has continued as an active jazz performer, composer, and educator, and runs his own record label, B&C Productions."
Please, if you have any of their other records, could you let me know? Thanks.

Track list:
Neptune (12:02)
Naima (4:40)
Reflections (2:39)
China (5:30)
Pisces (4:05)
Pat´s Tune (2:24)

Bass - Edward Crockett (on China), John Hicks
Congas - Robert Kenyatta
Drums - Bill Roy, Richard Lee Wiggins (on China)
Electric Piano - Ron Burton
Percussion - John Goldsmith, Sherman Ferguson
Piano - Elmer Gibson, Sid Simmons
Saxophone - Carl Crubbs, Earl Crubbs

The Visitors - Neptune