Thursday, April 16, 2009

Culture - Production Something

I am going to label this one "must-have"...from All Music:
"There was a time when harmony trios like the Mighty Diamonds, Israel Vibration and Culture ruled the airwaves and dancehalls of Jamaica. They typically delivered more "truth and rights" songs than lover's pleas...Production Something unearths rare and previously unreleased mixes of songs both familiar ("Trod On," "Too Long in Slavery") and obscure ("Dog a Go Nyam Dog"). All are presented in extended "disco mix" versions -- the normal vocal mix of the song comes first, then segues without pause into the dub version, sometimes with the addition of a deejay voiceover. The result is a nine-track disc that lasts almost 70 minutes, and it's 70 minutes of pure roots reggae heaven. Culture's wailing, moaning harmonies recall Marcus Garvey-era Burning Spear, and Errol Brown's production is deep, dark and dread..Highly recommended."
Details from
"Playlist :
Too Long In Slavery (Previously Unreleased Alternate Mix)
Garvey (Extended Mix)
Culture & Jah Thomas - Trod On
Weeping (Extended Mix)
Culture & Grandpa Culture - Production Something
Pyaka (Previously Unreleased Alternate Mix)
Dog A Go Nyam Dog (Extended Mix)
Black Rose (Extended)
Children Of Israel (Extended Alternate Mix)

Mixing Engineer : Fletcher Road & Brad Young & Errol Brown & Chris Wilson

Producer : Sonia Pottinger

Studios :
Treasure Isle (Kingston, JA)"
Culture - Production Something