Sunday, August 21, 2011

Freddie Hubbard - Ready for Freddie

Trumpeter Freddie Hubbard had a tremendous run with Blue Note in the early sixties and Ready for Freddie is no exception. This record was made during a period when Hubbard, like pianist McCoy Tyner (also on this set), were alternating between hardest-of-the-hard bop sessions and more experimental music with the likes of John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy and Ornette Coleman.

Three of the five tracks on the original issue of Ready for Freddie are Hubbard compositions, two of which are amongst his best-known ("Birdlike" and "Crisis"). The Jack Elliott/Victor Young ballad, "Weaver of Dreams" features some tender horn work from Hubbard while the Wayner Shorter-penned "Marie Antoinette" is a quirky, bouncy, mid-tempo showcase for the soloists.

Tyner, drummer Elvin Jones and bass player Art Davis were in the midst of their tenure with Coltrane when this album was made and they display a deep simpatico throughout. Jones and Tyner, Davis and Jones, Tyner and Davis...the careful listener will find moment where the various pairings are just locked in...

Solid throughout.

Freddie Hubbard - Ready for Freddie