Friday, April 10, 2009

Mohammad Reza Lotfi - Mystery of Love

From the label's description:
"This live recording of Persian mystical music based on the poems of Rumi and Hafez is an exquisite album of power and beauty. Featuring Mohammad Reza Lotfi on tar, setar, and vocals, and Mohammad Ghavihelm on tombak and daf, this is a deeply inspired and soulful work. What is readily apparent is the depth of emotion and spirituality that this music conveys...It is music not just to be heard, but felt. And what makes this work even more special is that the spiritual essence and devotional beauty of Lotfi's work is finally captured by an excellent quality recording. It is an album that will find its rightful place among many Persian and world music lovers collections."
...and from the artist's bio:
"Mohammad Reza Lotfi was born in 1947 in Gorgan, northern Iran. Encouraged by his elder brother, he learned to play the tar and showed his talent by winning the first prize in Iran's Young Musicians Festival in 1964. The following year, he started his studies at the National Conservatory in Tehran under Habibollah Salehi and Master Ali Akbar Shahnazi. While at the conservatory, he also studied western classical music and the violin which led to his collaboration with various orchestras under the direction of Hossein Dehlavi. Some of his other eminent teachers were Abdollah Davami, from whom he learned the Radif, and Master Hormozi, who taught him the setar....Lotfi is one of the greatest contemporary masters of the tar and setar. He is among the major figures who, in the past twenty years, have revolutionized the Persian traditional (classical) music. His innovative approach of combining the classical with folk elements, both in terms of music and technique, has injected a new vitality into a very old tradition. His original creativity and the deep-rooted emotional quality of his playing have made him the father of a new aesthetics in Persian music."
Another beautiful Middle Eastern record to take us into the weekend...

Mohammad Reza Lotfi - Mystery of Love