Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jenny Scheinman - 12 Songs

This is a striking record, one with so much substance. There is a baroque, almost chamber-like quality to much of the music, though I hear elements of Aaron Copeland in the melodies (though they contain more than a hint of klezmer as well) and Steve Reich in the ambience...The line-up includes Jenny Scheinman (violin); Bill Frisell (guitar); Rachelle Garniez (accordion, piano); Doug Wieselman (clarinet); Ron Miles (cornet); Tim Luntzel (double bass); and Dan Rieser (drums). There are moments where the wind and string instruments merge to create the most lovely effects...from All Music:
"...Her obsession is with songs and with lyrics -- neither of which appear on this paradoxically titled album. The 12 compositions here aren't actually songs, but are meant to feel like songs, by which Scheinman means that they're intended to be clear, straightforward, singable, and emotionally direct. This they generally do achieve, but even when things get a bit opaque (as on the saucy and slightly goofy "Moe Hawk" and the meandering "Antenna") they're still emotionally compelling...This kind of balance between directness, intensity, and complexity makes 12 Songs a more than usually impressive and compelling modern jazz album..."
I can't recommend this record highly enough.

Jenny Scheinman - 12 Songs