Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fairuz - Alquds Fil Baal (Jerusalem in My Heart)

From Wikipedia:
"...Fairuz (Arabic: فيروز‎, also spelled Fairouz or Fayrouz) is a distinguished Lebanese singer and one of the best known Arab singers of all time. Her songs are heard all over the Arab world and still spark Lebanese national pride...She was born in Jabal al Arz (Cedar Mountain) to a modest Syriac Catholic family and was married to Assi Rahbani, one of the two brothers who helped shaping her singing career. She is also the mother of the Lebanese singer and composer Ziad Rahbani and the Lebanese director and photographer Rima Rahbani.

Fairuz is sometimes referred to as Our (Lebanese) Ambassador to the Stars, Neighbour to the Moon, and the Poet of the Voice..."
This record, Alquds Fil Baal (Jerusalem in My Heart), is her "love letter" to the city of Jerusalem...Gorgeous and worthy of many plays...

Fairuz - Alquds Fil Baal (Jerusalem in My Heart)