Thursday, August 20, 2009

Deerhoof - Apple O'

I am operating under the assumption these Deerhoof people are no stranger to recreational drug use. Parts of this record sound like basement demos, others little noisy symphonies...from All Music:
"Crashing in at just over half an hour long, Apple O' brims over with as many vivid bursts of musical and lyrical inspiration as Deerhoof's other albums, but offers a little more conceptual structure for the band's outbursts and childlike melodies. As the title implies, Apple O' (my eye) revolves around the band's musings on love, sex, and creation, and in its own way, their freewheeling, spontaneous style captures the feeling of being head over heels perfectly....such a joyful noise that it's difficult not to be swept up in the band's quirky but potent happiness. This invigorating feel seeps into even the quieter tracks...Deerhoof doesn't neglect the crazier side of their music...providing a fix for the initiated and potentially irritating those unwilling to play along with the band's noisy naïveté...It doesn't matter that the parts of Deerhoof's music don't seem to go together at first -- their music aims directly at the right side of the brain, and is nearly successful as the Shaggs' work in making chaos sound cuddly and even kind of beautiful. Apple O' brings some order to Deerhoof's spontaneity, offering plenty of sweetness without forgetting their bite."
I can't even understand the review never mind the music itself. I kept getting up to turn it off but instead kept turning it up, so go figure...

Deerhoof - Apple O'