Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jack DeJohnette's Special Edition - Album Album

"At his best, Jack DeJohnette is one of the most consistently inventive jazz percussionists extant. DeJohnette's style is wide-ranging, yet while capable of playing convincingly in any modern idiom, he always maintains a well-defined voice. DeJohnette has a remarkably fluid relationship to pulse. His time is excellent; even as he pushes, pulls, and generally obscures the beat beyond recognition, a powerful sense of swing is ever-present. His tonal palette is huge as well; no drummer pays closer attention to the sounds that come out of his kit than DeJohnette. He possesses a comprehensive musicality rare among jazz drummers...DeJohnette's first band was Compost; his later, more successful bands were Directions and Special Edition...a more straightforwardly swinging unit that featured saxophonists David Murray and Arthur Blythe...Special Edition would eventually become the drummer's performance medium of choice. The band began life as an acoustic free jazz ensemble, featuring the drummer's esoteric takes on the mainstream. It evolved into something quite different, as DeJohnette's conception changed into something considerably more commercial; with the addition of electric guitars and keyboards, DeJohnette began playing what is essentially a very loud, backbeat-oriented -- though sophisticated -- instrumental pop music."
- from All Music Guide.

The release date (1984) for Album Album really surprises me...the record has a decidedly Mothers of Invention sound to it, especially the early tracks...DeJohnette is on drums and keys and the band is rounded out by John Purcell on alto and soprano, David Murray on tenor, Howard Johnson on tuba and baritone, and Rufus Reid on bass.

Jack DeJohnette's Special Edition - Album Album