Monday, October 05, 2009

Avishai Cohen - At Home

I like this record, but I have to say it's the back half, or what used to be called, "side two", that I really dig. The final two tracks in particular, 'Saba' and 'Toledo' are the ones for me.

The players: Avishai Cohen: acoustic & electric bass; Mark Guiliana: drums, percussion; Sam Barsh: piano, organ, Fender Rhodes, melodica; Yosvany Terry: saxophones, chekere; Anne Drummond: flutes; Diego Urcola: flugelhorn; Jeff Ballard: percussion; Tomer Tzur: hand drum

The songs: 

1. Feediop 
2. Madrid 
3. Leh-Lah 
4. Remembering 
5. Renouf's Last Tooth 
6. Gershon Beat 
7. No Words 
8. Punk (DJN) 
9. Meditteranean [sic] Sun 
10. Saba 
11. Toledo