Monday, November 02, 2009

Bob Seger - Back in '72

Here is one version of the story of this record, from All Music:
"Returning to independent status, Bob Seger recorded Back in '72, not only the finest of his early-'70s albums but one of the great lost hard rock albums of its era...he covers quite a few tunes, providing a balance to his own tunes..He makes "Midnight Rider" sound as if it were a Motor City raver instead of a sultry, late-afternoon Southern rocker, while casually tossing off "Rosalie," an irresistible ode to a local DJ that turned into a hard rock anthem when Thin Lizzy decided to record it later in the decade. That's the brilliance of Back in '72 -- there's no separation between the original and cover, it's all united in a celebration of rock and roll. That's why "Turn the Page," perhaps the weariest travelogue ever written, never feels self-pitying -- that's just the facts, according to a first-rate Midwestern band that never got a break. All the same, Back in '72 is a testament to great rock and roll, thanks to Seger's phenomenal songwriting and impassioned playing."
From the Seger File ("An unofficial web site about the music of Bob Seger"):
"Every legendary artist has a legendary album that's hard or impossible to find, and this is Seger's. Never released on CD, it's available only in used stores on vinyl (or possibly cassette). The album has even been bootlegged, under the title "15 Years Ago." (The bootleg appeared in 1987; hence 15 years ago would have been 'Back in '72.')...the whole album captures the energy of a young Seger just on the cusp of greatness. Seger has said he won't reissue the album in CD format because he feels many of the vocals are bad..."
Seger File also gives a nice track-by-track review of the record here.

It is a crime for this record to be out of print, though it is easy to see why an artist who went out to have such polished, well-produced hits my bit put off by some of his rough singing as recorded on this record. But still...this record is a five-star classic..."Rosalie", "Back in '72" and "Neon Sky" are my picks...even more so than the outrageous rave-up cover of "Midnight Rider" that opens the record...oh, and as a bonus? J.J. Cale on guitar...

Bob Seger - Back in '72