Sunday, June 06, 2010

Curtis Fuller - Images Of

The flute in hard bop. Most love it or hate it. Very difficult instrument to be indifferent towards. It's sounds carries such a distinct essence. Often dates a recording, perhaps unfairly.

Yusef Lateef is the flautist on this record, in addition to his tenor duties. Lee Morgan pops up on most tracks, as does Milt Hinton. We even get Jimmy Garrison on two takes. And, of course, McCoy Tyner warms the piano bench the whole time...

Solid line-up, lovely engineering and production, strong hard bop writing and arranging from bandleader and trombonist Curtis Fuller. Pay special attention to 'Be Back Ta-Reckla' and 'Judyful'.

1. Accident
2. Darryl's Minor
3. Be Back Ta-Reckla
4. Judyful
5. New Date
6. Accident (take 3, CD bonus)
7. Darryl's Minor (take 2, CD bonus)
8. New Date (take 1, CD bonus)

Curtis Fuller - trombone
McCoy Tyner - piano
Wilbur Harden - trumpet
Yusef Lateef - tenor saxophone, flute
Lee Morgan - trumpet (1-4, 6-7)
Milt Hinton - bass (1-4, 6-7)
Jimmy Garrison - bass (5, 8)
Bobby Donaldson - drums (1-4, 6-7)
Clifford Jarvis - drums (5, 8)

Curtis Fuller - Images Of