Friday, December 17, 1999

Curtis Fuller - Imagination

Curtis Fuller's Imagination is of special interest here on Burning Dervish as the 1959 release marks the first documented commercial issue featuring McCoy Tyner. It would be a few more years, and some time on the bench with his mentor Coltrane, before McCoy's signature left hand sound would develop, but his lightning right hand was already in full effect. Witness pretty much any solo on this collection...

A reasonably straightforward hard bop set that somehow stands out...there is just enough idiosyncrasy in the compositions and solos to foreshadow where jazz was heading as the new decade was arriving.

The set takes its name from the one standard included, with the rest of the program consisting of Fuller originals. All arrangements were by Fuller.

Available digitally and on CD, copies of the vinyl appear to be in short supply. If you have any leads on one please do leave a comment here. Thanks.

Curtis Fuller - Imagination