Sunday, June 27, 2010

John Coltrane Quartet - Jazz Gallery, NY - June/July 1960

There is an "import" live CD containing the tracks offered for download here. It is available from most online music stores. Entitled, "John Coltrane Quartet Live at the Jazz Gallery 1960", the cover of this release makes the claim that the show is from June 22, 1960.

The sessionographies available online for the artists involved here make no mention of June 22 as a show date. It is known that Trane played at the venue in question at least from April through July, though, so the general providence is likely correct. This recording, an audience tape made by a patron, is generally referenced as being from June or July.

McCoy Tyner joined Coltrane's band for good in May of 1960 and this private recording is the first known live document of Tyner's tenure with the group. This also contains what is thought to be Trane's first recording on soprano saxophone ('I Can't Get Started').

For a vintage bootleg, this has surprisingly acceptable sound. Beyond the sonics themselves there are the performances, from the 30-miniute plus opener of "Liberia" through six other tracks, none of which sound anything like the music being made by anyone else in 1960...

All in all, a pretty important record in the development of one of the most important jazz groups of the coming decade.

John Coltrane Quartet - Jazz Gallery, NY - June/July 1960