Saturday, September 17, 2011

Renaissance - New York, NY - 2011-09-17

Renaissance, The Concert Hall at the Society for Ethical Culture, New York, NY, September 17, 2001.

"Since forming in 1969, Renaissance has amassed a relatively small but passionate fan base. The intense affinity for the band, especially its "classic" line-up (which spanned 1971-1980 and resulted in six studio sets plus one live album), appears not to have diminished with time. The 21st century incarnation of the band, featuring guitarist and principle composer Michael Dunford and vocalist extraordinaire Annie Haslam, have focused on expanding from the core, visiting the band's traditional strongholds in the North East of the United States as well as Eastern Canada, two territories that have always welcomed progressive bands with open arms."

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Set One: The Complete Turn of the Cards: Running Hard; I Think Of You; Things I Don't Understand; Black Flame; Cold Is Being; Mother Russia

Set Two: The Complete Scheherazade and Other Stories: Trip To The Fair; The Vultures Fly High; Ocean Gypsy; Song of Scheherazade

Encore: The Mystic and the Muse

Personnel: Annie Haslam: vocals; Michael Dunford: guitar, vocals; Rave Tesar: keyboards; Jason Hart: keyboards, vocals; Frank Pagano: drums, vocals.