Sunday, October 24, 2010

John Coltrane - Coltrane's Sound

Here we have a record that many consider an underrated gem, a classic. All Music calls it, " of the most highly underrated entries in Coltrane's voluminous catalog" yet it was not even meant to be released.

The tracks that came to be issued as Coltrane's Sound were recorded during the same October 1960 sessions as the Atlantic-issued My Favorite Things. They were not put put until 1964, well after Coltrane had finished his tour of duty with Atlantic and was recording for Impulse. The saxophonist had no say or input into this album.

Amazingly, there is no filler. In fact, several of his strongest compositions of the period are highlights of this record, "Satellite", "Liberia" and "Equinox" (which has some lovely, understated piano work from McCoy Tyner).

Atlantic's money-grubbing around all things Coltrane led to the release of some great sides. Since most (but not all) of the compositions were Trane's own we can assume he got paid so let's call this one "no harm, no foul" or even better, a win for the fans.

Listen to Coltrane's Sound on MOG.

The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
Central Park West
Body and Soul

John Coltrane — soprano saxophone on "Central Park West"; tenor saxophone on all else
McCoy Tyner — piano
Steve Davis — bass
Elvin Jones — drums