Friday, October 14, 2011

The John Coltrane Project: Andy Sugg Plays Trane

"The Andy Sugg Group
The John Coltrane Project: Andy Sugg Plays Trane
Downstream Music

Recorded live in Melbourne, Australia, on July 17, 2010, saxophonist Andy Sugg and his group bring tasteful and modern sensibilities to the performances on this set. Sugg and his compatriots canvass the all-too-brief ten-year period spanning saxophonist John Coltrane's emergence from the shadow of trumpeter Miles Davis to that of a leader of the jazz avant-garde.

The occasion for the performances captured here was the 43rd anniversary of Coltrane's passing. While it may be cliché to say that the sax great's spirit is present throughout these pieces, such a fact does not make the statement any less true. Sugg assembled an intriguing repertoire, very representative of Coltrane's life of musical and spiritual exploration, and did justice by it..."

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