Saturday, September 03, 2011

John Coltrane Quintet - Village Gate, New York, NY, Aug. 8-Sep. 3, 1961

John Coltrane and his Quintet (Coltrane on saxophones, McCoy Tyner on piano, Elvin Jones on drums, Art Davis and Reggie Workman both on bass) played a late-summer residency at New York's Village Gate in 1961.

On at least one of those nights, August 17, the band was a sextet and included Eric Dolphy on reeds. In addition, it appears Coltrane's Atlantic Records stablemate Roland Kirk sat in as well.

The above-information comes from a terrific two-part, first-person account on the personal blog of a man who attended that night. His entire essay is worth reading so let's forgo quoting it here and send you right over to his website for "Some Favorite Things I’ve Wanted To Write Down" and "Some Favorite Things I’ve Wanted To Write Down - Continued."

If only more "regular" people who saw legendary shows like these told their tales...I would suggest leaving a comment or emailing the author if you enjoy his essay. Perhaps the psychic energy will encourage more people to come out of the woodwork with their experiences. These stories help remind us that these musicians were real people, not mythic figures from some forgotten past.